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    Kindergarten classrooms are designed for children from two and a half to six years old. Each class is divided into educational zones. In individual zones, mathematics, language, nature and art dominate. Children develop by carrying out tasks from a carefully prepared program, but at their own pace that suits them. Lessons are held both individually and in groups. We know how important it is to be in a group of different ages, constituting a specific family model and offering the fullest opportunities for social and scientific development. We have created a space for children in such a way that they can develop at their own individual pace. Maria Montessori believed that children need to satisfy their internal enthusiasm for learning and perform certain activities at specific stages of life. Therefore, they should receive a properly prepared environment that we guarantee them. If we add to this the daily effort of teachers, the end result of our work is to strengthen and develop the youngest in various aspects of science and art, as well as in the natural sense of responsibility for their environment and everything they do. This is the best kindergarten in Warsaw and Konstancin and the best place for your children.

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    Bielawa ul. Lipowa 22 A, Konstancin – Jeziorna
    Tel:785 120 000

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