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    American Montessori Preschool is a place built out of love and respect for children. We know that the most precious treasure of parents requires exceptional attention, attention and care. Every day, we surround our children with a development-friendly atmosphere in a perfectly prepared space, while guaranteeing them the best educational methods. In our kindergarten, unique, experienced teachers discover and develop the natural, individual potential of each child. It is important for us to guarantee the development of the youngest in line with the adopted methods and values, but above all in line with the abilities of individual children.

    We invite you to our place – a charming, renovated and perfectly designed and equipped manor house. The road to our kindergarten is an alley of over 200-year-old lindens, and our own, spacious and safe garden is an ideal space for team games and sports games. We guarantee perfect conditions and the cleanest air that our children breathe throughout their stay in kindergarten.

    At American Monetssori Preschool, we know that a healthy diet based on organic fresh produce is the key to healthy development. That is why we work with a carefully selected and proven catering company, which prepares meals based on the highest quality ecological products, with particular attention to the individual health and needs of each child. A healthy, happy, joyful, fulfilled child is the daily goal of our work.

    Maria Montessori believed that the most important period in a child’s life is the time from his birth to the age of six. We are convinced of this and that is why we created American Montessori Preschool! Welcome!


    1. Our kindergarten is equipped with a unique and specialized mechanical ventilation system ensuring the optimal amount of filtered, clean air per person according to the latest standards.
    2. The kindergarten has a top-class air-conditioning system that protects children’s health. Modern technology includes filters that clean the air from allergens and protect the air against microorganisms and bacteria.
    3. The toilets are child-friendly and have been designed with special care for the health and comfort of children. Appropriate antibacterial coatings protect the youngest and allow you to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.
    4. In spacious and safe rooms on wooden floors, we have applied special solutions to protect the surface against the deposition of allergens.
    5. Location – the new kindergarten is located in a renovated, stylish building located in a quiet, peaceful street with linden trees, known as a unique historical monument with a row of almost 200-year-old lime trees. We have designed the surroundings of the kindergarten in such a way as to guarantee children both safe activity and peaceful rest in a friendly environment away from the hustle and bustle of the street:
      • a spacious playground equipped with certified toys adapted to the height and age of children; small architecture is secured in the winter
      • a playground for games and activities
      • the sandbox
      • a comfortable terrace and stairs covered with an aesthetic lining made of synthetic grass ensuring softness that protects against injuries
    6. The kindergarten building is also equipped with an alarm system with motion detection and video monitoring.
    7. Convenient parking for 12 cars.
    8. Ramp for disabled people.
    9. A carefully planned courtyard with a garden and a beautiful fountain.
    10. Food – healthy meals that are tasty for children. Only such dishes are served to our little ones. Prepared from the highest quality ecological products in a proven and certified HACCP place, they meet the individual needs of individual children.

    Our Team

    The teachers in our facility fulfill a unique educational task, the aim of which is the individual development of a child with a sense of security and the possibility of the best cognitive and social development.
    Contact us today to hear more about our amazing staff while we update our webpage.


    Contact Us

    Bielawa ul. Lipowa 22 A, Konstancin – Jeziorna
    Tel:785 120 000

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