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    The teachers in our facility fulfill a unique educational task, the aim of which is the individual development of a child with a sense of security and the possibility of the best cognitive and social development.
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    Karolina Bargiełowska – Gillert

    For the past twenty years I have been working in Montessori schools in three different countries on three continents. I started as a Montessori mother, then became a teacher of specialty classes, a class assistant, a lead teacher, and finally – academic head in of two big international schools as well as a trainer in Montessori training centers educating future teachers. I have thus gained a deep understanding of work with children, teachers and parents from many backgrounds and on different levels.

    I hold a Masters Degree in Oriental studies majoring in Chinese language and literature. Coming into a Montessori class as a parent many years ago proved to be a turning point in my career – the fascination led me to taking a Montessori Training Course at Northeast Montessori Institute
    where I got my AMS (American Montessori Society) Early Childhood Credentials .
    As a graduate of an excellent Montessori training program under the guidance and z of superb trainers I have acquired a deep understanding of best Montessori practices. I have been able to apply them in class and share with parents and teachers over the years. I worked in the United States, China and Poland, mostly in international schools where English was a second language to the majority of students.

    I adhere to the highest standards of the most authentic Montessori method. I pay special atten-tion to the preparation of environment, materials and teachers. I have a positive outlook and am determined, supportive and enthusiastic in helping teachers and parents prepare themselves prac-tically and spiritually for work with young children.
    Privately, I am a mother of three grown-up children. I have a great passion for traveling around the world and experiencing various cultures.



    Teacher – Siphokuhle Nkala

    Siphokuhle Nkala is a positively motivated, energetic team player who has a strong desire to grow a career in the field of early childhood education. With two years’ experience of teaching at a preschool she has a long track record of delivering high quality care and learning opportunities to children aged between one and five years old, and she is more than willing to assume ultimate responsibility for the development of children under her care. Currently, she is pursuing an Early Childhood Montessori Diploma.

    “I will always ensure that each child gets as much individual attention as possible, and is committed to raising standards and maximizing pupil progress. Being a mother of two children and having cared for them since birth gives me more experience to understand children better as I enjoy the process of watching, teaching and helping children there is nothing more rewarding than doing that.”

    In addition to my work experience I have a certificate in ,,Mother and child care” and two years’ experience working as a care giver giving me knowledge to keep children safe and healthy, helping them develop skills they will need for success in school and in their lives outside of school (social, emotional and good communication skills).

    Owner – Stanisław Malinowski

    As the father of wonderful two adult children, graduates of kindergarten and Montessori school, I know that this is the best method that gives each child the opportunity to develop both academic and psychological skills. It is also a method that requires teachers to be highly qualified and constantly expanding their knowledge, and from the owners of Montessori schools, proper support of the staff and taking care of the highest quality materials for children’s work. Seeing that there are few places where learning according to the Maria Montessori method is carried out, I decided to create such a place myself. I believe that American Montessori Preschool is a kindergarten where children will develop their talents in balance and respect for their individuality. Every child is different and they should be allowed to learn individually. 

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      Bielawa ul. Lipowa 22 A, Konstancin – Jeziorna
      Tel:785 120 000

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