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    The teachers in our facility fulfill a unique educational task, the aim of which is the individual development of a child with a sense of security and the possibility of the best cognitive and social development.
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    Natalia Rojek

    Since 2019 I have been actively working with children aged from six months to 5 years old in private care facilities. I am a certified nursery caretaker and assistant to the teacher in Kindergarten. While constantly gaining experience I also try to improve my competence skills as I am currently attending Montessori for the youngest’s course in Polish Institute Montessori and taking classes in the third year of Pedagogy in Społeczna Akademia Nauk. In private I am a mom of a preschool-aged boy who is a part of my journey of working with children. It is my passion that rewards me with tasks requiring creative solutions and gives me opportunities of finding answers to the questions that occur in every step which gives me a better perspective on improving myself and my work.

    SHEMA Oliver

    Shema has worked for 5 years in kids’ education, and he strongly believes in Montessori methods. he considers Montessori methods especially beneficial because they allow teachers to reach students at their own level and foster independence and confidence in every student. He has a true passion for education and hoped to become a teacher from a young age. After earning a degree in early childhood education, he worked for two years as a Montessori teacher.

     In his free time, he enjoys decorating, exercising, reading, and cooking.


    Owner – Stanislaw Malinowski

    As the father of wonderful two adult children, graduates of kindergarten and Montessori school, I know that this is the best method that gives each child the opportunity to develop both academic and psychological skills. It is also a method that requires teachers to be highly qualified and constantly expanding their knowledge, and from the owners of Montessori schools, proper support of the staff and taking care of the highest quality materials for children’s work. Seeing that there are few places where learning according to the Maria Montessori method is carried out, I decided to create such a place myself. I believe that American Montessori Preschool is a kindergarten where children will develop their talents in balance and respect for their individuality. Every child is different and they should be allowed to learn individually. 

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      Bielawa ul. Lipowa 22 A, Konstancin – Jeziorna
      Tel:785 120 000

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