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  • A few words about practical life in the Maria Montessori method

    Practical life classes are the basis for the development of autonomy, self-control, self-discipline and are extremely attractive to little hands. This area of knowledge includes exercises such as: pouring liquids, washing, sewing, using tools, serving food, setting the table, handling zippers, buttons and paper clips, sweeping, washing windows, or carefully moving and carrying items. These activities should constantly change, making this area an inexhaustible source of curiosity for children.
    The benefits of these activities are almost countless. Because apart from the autonomy and hands exercises (preparation for writing), children practice concentration and mindfulness.
    Here are some examples of everyday activities:

    1. Slicing an apple
    Showing children how to cut an apple and how they can do it themselves is one of the main activities of practical life. The first step is to put on an apron and prepare the fruit in a tray.
    The slicing of apples is usually done with a special slicer. Older children can use knives to cut the fruit.

    2. Setting the table
    Thanks to this activity, children will learn to prepare the table for meals, but also practice mindfulness and proper handling of the dishes. Plates, glasses, tablecloths or napkins are placed in a specific order and in a specific place. For the youngest, this activity is both learning and great fun.

    3. Sweeping
    Children are very happy to use a broom, dustpan and the necessary utensils that are adapted to their hands. It is a great practical life activity. We teach kids how to make piles and collect them.

    4. Pouring into a mug or glass
    Leaving children within easy reach of a jug of an adapted size and glasses so that they can learn how to pour water on their own gives them a lot of autonomy. On the one hand, they are independent, on the other hand, they practice mindfulness again.

    These are just some of the elements of everyday life. Each of them is equally important and, especially in the present times of digitization and the frequent problems with concentration of attention in the youngest, is of invaluable value.

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