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    The adaptation process is an extremely important topic, especially at the beginning of the school year. In our preschool/nursery, adaptation takes place throughout the school year, because every moment is good to join the group. The beginnings of the adventure with preschool/nursery are very important and have a significant impact on the further life and development of each child. A
    child whose adaptation process has been properly carried out has a good chance of a fruitful continuation of the adventure in a nursery / kindergarten, and later in primary school, high school or college. The adaptation process depends on many factors, and most of all on the people who participate in it. In this case, we must focus on the approach and attitude of as many as three sides: the child, parents and teachers.

    For each of the parties, adapting a child is a completely new situation. Each of us, the child, the parent and the teacher are in a situation of adaptation of a particular child for the first time. It should be remembered that no two children are the same, so despite the fact that in our preschool there are rules regarding the adaptation process, we are also very sensitive to the needs of each child, which we treat as a separate entity. An adaptation that works for one child will not necessarily work for another. The multitude of factors influencing the proper
    way of adaptation and the later functioning of a child in preschool means that each time we deal with a different process.

    These factors include:
    -child temperament
    -parental approach
    -teacher’s experience and openness
    -previous family experiences with the adaptation process
    -the age of the child
    -kindergarten profile
    -the sensitivity of adults to the needs of the child
    -and many others.

    If you are preparing to enroll your child in a preschool / nursery, we invite you to an initial interview, during which we will gladly explain how the full adaptation process looks like. We will also try to adapt to your individual needs and find the best way for your child to adapt gently and effectively.

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