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    The Montessori Approach:

    The Montessori method is based on the child’s natural progression through the planes of development, encouraging the child to engage in spontaneous and meaningful work. Each Montessori prepared environment is usually a community of approximately 20 children, where each child learns to interact socially in a wide variety of ways. The age of children is 3-6. The older teach the youngest, thereby increasing their confidence and social skills. They learn a sense of responsibility through being class leaders. This builds their self-confidence. The younger children are inspired to more advanced work through observation of the older ones. Each child can work at their own pace, as of the variety of levels in the environment.

    Montessori educators strive to promote:


    The prepared environment:

    Dr. Maria Montessori believed, that a beautiful and prepared environment inspires the child’s natural tendency to work. It takes us into the real world and is designed for a particular kind of work that matches the natural interests of the child at a particular stage in life and in growth.

    The room is clean and orderly. Each object has its place on the shelves and remains there unless in use. The classroom is completely proportionate to the size of the children. It is simple, limited, and comfortable. Everything is within reach of children. The skilled teachers are well trained and cheerful.

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